Overland track, Tasmania, Australia

Easter 2014


Four of us formed the "overlanders" team, tackling the 80km hike through Tasmanian bush...

Trying to decide what to pack... 17kg of items to carry for 7 days...

Transiting to Launceston:

Several of our bags, unpacking themselves:

The day before departure, packing, re-packing, dividing and sharing to distribute weight.

there was a lot of struggling to lift on heavy packs:

Arrived at Cradle Mountain National Park. Waiting for the shuttle in freezing temperatures.

Many of these signs (above) on the track...

Inside one of the huts:

My backpack, 18kgs...

Backpacks assembling themselves as indicators for popular day trips.

We found these backpacks, which the birds had opened and taken off the covers...

Glacial valleys

Inside another hut: food was hung in bags from the rafters, as there was the threat of mice having midnight snacks.

Me looking stylish with snow hanging out in the background



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