May-July 2014

diagramming environmental composures


proposition / investigation:
      how do the movements with/in an environment
  impact on
      the movements we carry out
                during other activities?

Here is an example of trying to work through this question:     almost-arctic-north:


above: screenshot from "environment-movement" artwork-in-progress
[visit: http://www.creativityintransit/enviro-move/]
A "tourist-style" photograph positioned with documentary photograph of packing.



movements of packing traced over.


selecting one instance of intensity of the packing process,
...not overlaid environmental conditions
rather, movements being collated from environments, bodies, packing, geographic

Another variation as example: almost-arctic-north:

Packing movements traced, but documentary photographs removed.
Arctice Circle approximated, just below horizon.

Tracing out intensities in the compiled image (from step 1).

blending movements of both environment + packing
or in this example, the arbitrary "Arctic Circle" demarcation


what emerges through creative tracings of movement are diagrammatic tendencies
below: the process of extracting movements between bodies and environments

this might be a set of techniques or procedures for extracting qualities
of movements from experience..
through an aesthetic of
transit (arrows) and creative (re)interpretation (flowing sketches)


A few other examples that I am contemplating:

movement: glacier



movement: himalaya

So it might not necessarily be the movements of "environmental" elements
(i.e. waves, glacial fissures, etc.)
Instead it might be the potential for movement
that certain environmental composures bring to bear on us.
Here the prayer flags (above) reveal a similar invitation for encounter. A unique aesthetic
that tints the environmental surround.
...or the presumptions and expectations of certain sites (think: geographic coordinates as
arctic circle; or fastest moving glacier in Europe, etc.)

work continuing....




movement: northernmost Iceland
or... arctic circle approximations
[placeholder sketches for "how to" instructional
diagrams, that compliment the kind of aesthetics of
movement this process is trying to tease out...]




last updated 19/07/14

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