August projectioning-diagramming 2014

teasing out environmental alignments, or, "digital surveying"


proposition / investigation:
      how do touristic-style photographs inform our sensing and aligning with an environment?
       (photographic landscape panoramas)


Projecting the extracts from the net-artwork environment-movement onto the wall, I decided to focus on points of movement:
- the scrolling input,
- the 'potential' movement of the glacier,
- and the overlaps of the photographs I had stitched together as a panorama

This image above traces the overlaps of photographic documentation of the site. Where one image overlays another, a join appears.
A movement that is bodily--it (re)presents the movements of the lens, the camera,
the body taking the photo as they pivot to capture the site.

This forms the interactive projection: moving-with-glacier


Another version - interactive projection: moving-with-himalaya

At times, the sketched movement traces don't align with the photographic panorama:


On a different approach
Still on the thematic of instructional diagrams... I began trying to draw points of interest in environments:





More to come soon...




last updated 10/09/14

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