25/09/13 reorienting and Thamel, Kathmandu


sitting in the hostel, writing in my journal, when a little butterfly friend lands on my bag.

I proceed to sketch it, and upon seeing my sketch, it makes its way over to my journal:

and sits right on top of it.


exploring Thamel:

This wall is one of the few street art works that I've seen in Thamel. There's an area outside the hostel, but also this one a few streets away. When I thought Iceland and Nepal had some kind of connection, I didn't expect to see it so strongly here...

Enjoying the local specialties:

Things that have happened to me so far:

- old woman clawed me in the street. She grabbed at my arm, with long fingernails.
- man threw a pencil at me in the street. He didn’t pick it up. I glanced back and he was glaring at me.



26/09/13 16:14, 31degres.
Went to the “monkey temple” today. All my doubts of how and why Nepal was a “unique” tourist destination were blown away in the winds above the prayer flags. 200rupee entrance fee. Climb steep steps, monkeys scattered around the temple buildings. All around us prayer flags, above, between. Turn around the corner to see thousands of them.


bought postcards but still haven't been to the post office to actually buy stamps....



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