30/09/13 - Transit to Pokhara

"what to do if you crash into a himalaya"

A peak peeking out!!!


01/10/13 - 07/10/13 chillin' in Pokhara

Nepalese mozzies love me.

Had to buy special cream for the bites:

waiting with the "crowds" along the Phewa Tal (lake) for a himalaya to appear

packing in the guest house...


03/10/13 sitting in guest house room, a himalaya peak emerges:


05/10/13 staying at a "retreat" above Pokhara:

At night, an ecology of moths come out:

packing in the dark... head lamp was useful.


07/10/13 Views of Himalaya + tea

view from the "retreat" guesthouse dining area

another day, another himalaya to gaze at....

sunrise over the peace stupa (pagoda)


We decided to venture down the mountain ("hill", as a Nepali would call it), but didn't know the way. According to the Lonely planet book, there's a steep track down the side, reaching the Tal. We passed the Peace Stupa, then past restaurant, guest house, and up another rise in the ridge. We came to the rise, which was covered in prayer flags. Surrounding the trees. As we walked along the patter (which was getting less well trodden), the ground was scattered with prayer flags that had come loose in the wind. Either very holy land, or a massacre site of prayer flags.

Above: Where we think we were, somewhere near the "935"m peak.




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