07/10/13 - Transit from Pokhara to Kathmandu

Our plane was late in arriving into Pokhara, so our luggage sat out in the hot sun for well over an hour, waiting...


08/10/13 Back to Kathmandu and hangin' out in Thamel


preparing for Dasain festival, people were handing out decorations, with limes and chillis:

09/10/13 Pashupatinath


Hanging around Alobar1000 Hostel:


250 rupees of fruit

45 rupee bread and bananas


Tristam's bag filled with my tea 'gifts' for people that he took home for me!


Dasain hits: Thamel comes to a grounding halt:

offerings surround:

and street dogs lounge:

everything slows.... to a "festival" pace...

I just couldn't resist adding a "bear" to this notice in the hostel bar...

Happy Dasain!!!

hanging out in the Garden of Dreams


Above: trying to remember conversations for my fieldwork...


18/10/13 Preparing for immanent departure from Nepal


19/10/13 One final pack...in the hostel bar area



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