19-20/10/13 - Transit from Kathmandu to Frankfurt

bag at check-in was 15.7kg!

Departure lounge: coke 150r, magic masala chips 150

Boarded the plane in Kathmandu, I was overwhelmed by how clean it was. As we were stuffled from departure area, then to waiting area, then to walk outdoors to the plane steps, the airport cargo & other misc. vehicles were honking at us to move out of the way!

Onboard a “Dreamliner”, the windows are noticeably larger. Touchscreens, smaller touch navigation device. So clean.
Walking up the stairs to it at Doha airport, the wings were noticeably curvier, their tips reaching above the cabin. Almost cartoonish in its curves and style. The thrill of aircraft!


20/10/13 Landed at Frankfurt, Germany. Hello EU!

arrows for transiting, arrows for eating chocolate


20/10/13 - reflections on transiting while transiting [and inevitably jetlagged]

Just looked at my watch and when I adjusted it to local time at Frankfurt this morning I managed to skip a day. So the date is now one day ahead of Europe time.

Can I live like this?

The landscape: out the train window: orange, brown, golden leaves. Low-lying clouds, or is it fog? Autumn colours. The train ride is rocking me to sleep. Lulling me into a sense of the long haul flight. Just awoke to a perplexing vision out the large, clean train window. No aircraft cabin here.


20-23/10/13 Essen

My list of things that I "needed" to buy in Germany: for conferences, autumn weather, and arctic winds

Above: gifts from home: postcard from Mum, Vegemite from Kat, BALL from xander the dog

packing in Essen (after purchasing almost an entirely new set of clothes)

sending 1.2kg to London (for future collection before transit back to Aus)


23/10/13 Transit from Essen > Karlsruhe, trains delayed

23-25/10/13 Touring Consumption conference, Karlsruhe, Germany


27/10/13 transit from FRA > CPH - Copenhagen visit to Aalborg University

metro in Copenhagen:


Staying in "Fox Hotel", and art hotel, where every room was decorated by a different artist!

view from hotel window

happy danish powerpoints

28/10/13 visit to Aalborg University

28/10/13 a big "hurricane" blew into Copenhagen, stopping all trains:

remnants the following day:

working in the lovely hotel bar area

Next: transit to Iceland for 5 weeks fieldwork...



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