31/10/13 - Transit from Copenhagen to Reykjavik, Iceland

packing for transit... I now have so much stuff it is overwhelming...

Copenhagen Airport:

a cute little traveller with a fish in his suitcase, in Copenhagen airport.

...I can see IcelandAir aircrafts in the distance while I have my sojalatte...

Onboard - CPH > KEF

images to help orient yourself

looking out the window, there are the Icelandic landscapes...

On the ground at Keflavik, in time to see the sun setting while the bus travels to Reykjavik

01-07/11/13 Exploring Reykjavik in Autumn.

And doing some quality research reflections in the Loft Hostel bar...

Trying to tackle the term "environment" and what I mean by using this term:


Reykjavik Downtown Hostel - one of the best hostels I've been in, and am lucky enough to be allowed to conduct my research here!

Rvk Downtown is an eco hostel, so everywhere you turn there are recycle bins and happy, smiling encouragements to actually use them!


07/11/13 The Northern Lights

Four of us headed out in a rental car about 10:30pm, as the aurora forecast was "moderate", a 3/10. We drove about 40mins north of Reykjavik on the ring road, and pulled over on the side of the road, as we were seeing "white" clouds. None of us knew what we were looking for.

Within a few minutes, the lights appeared, breaching the darkness with fluro greens, tinges of pinks and shimmering light patterns.

The first photo I took turned out the best, everyone agreed:

While we were stopped on the side of the highway, cars kept slowing and stopping, to check if we were OK. Even semi-trailer trucks were pulling over, to which we started to feel like we were causing a hinderance to the traffic. Next thing a police car stops, flashing lights were switched on, and we walked over to them. "We're looking at the Northern Lights"... "The lights?" he says, looking up. "Ahh yes, they are here tonight!" They were very friendly and curious about where we were from, again the line "You came ALL the way to Iceland from Australia?!", disbelief.

In the image above you can see the police car stopped... lovely blue and red glow from their lights.


09/11/13 Packing to change hostels

[the 10-bed female dorm I was saying in was empty]


10-11/11/13 SNOW!

Snow and 75km/hr winds yesterday. Tours cancelled, everyone encouraged to "buy snacks and stay indoors", as one girl said. I had to change hostels - from Downtown to Loft. I decided to walk up to Loft at about 11am, it had just started snowing, but it was extremely windy!

Fancy a BBQ??

Luckily I knew where to escape from the snow and wind - with a soya matcha latte!

10/11/13 Change hostels - from Reykjavik Downtown to Reykjavik Loft:


13/11/13 Went to have breakfast this morning, reception told me that a package had arrived in the mail for me! Such a great breakfast with treats from dear friends in the UK!

13/11/13 Trying to organise my things - to prepare for 2 weeks up Northern Iceland


Next I head to Northern Iceland....

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