14/11/13 Transit from Reykjavík to Akureyri

What to do if your plane flies into Katla??

Grey-white clouds out the window... its more white than grey. Bright but not *that* bright.

Above: sketches of the traces of past photographic experiences on board the flights. You can tell if the flight is usually "scenic" if the windows have these scratches on them - traces of SLRs being pushed up against the glass - the ribbed rim of the lens filter scratches the window...

Cute serviette onboard. It seems Nordic airlines like their cutesy products onboard flights.

Captain's forecast: "Occasional snowshowers. Cloudy temperature, of, one-degree-celsius ... minus."

I'm pretty sure we flew over the arctic circle, over the tip of Iceland's mainland, and then back down the fjord that leads to Akureyri....

landing on snow, the aircraft slipped around several times while taxing to a stop.

The luggage tag, stapled onto my bag. Also travelling in the checked-luggage of this aeoroplane was a case shaped like a rifle, and a case shaped like a car tyre...


tea, coffee, herbal tea, hot milk.. its all about hot drinks at this time of year!

15/11/13 Downtown Akureryi, waiting for bus 79 to Dalvík:

An overcast but fairly warm day in Dalvík - around +3degrees celsius.

Snow melting, everything is slippery. Suddenly signs like this (which I saw in June last year), make much more sense:


16/11/13 Sunrise after 10am, getting light around 09:30

Around 10:30am, view from hostel kitchen window:

Unpacking, organising, re-packing.

About 13:00: view from hostel kitchen:

About 13:00:


Around 14:00:

I got worried that I would be too cold, so I bought some Icelandic woolen socks:

...but it is OK, the Jólabjór (christmas beer) will keep me warm!


17/11/13 exploring the harbour in Dalvík:

despite the overwhelming beauty of the landscape, the tangiable material nature, gritty, industrial, fishing docks, is overpowering and draws me in...

yet there are traces of creatures around...



This week is Geography Awareness Week (17-23 Nov.) As part of my own festivities, I drew a map of where I am currently situated:

And have been spending a lot of time digitally exploring the area. These sites are useful:





17/11/13 Snowstorm!


20/11/13 photographic pondering: approx. 09:00

light is expressionist:

Approx. 09:45am

Around 10:15:

approx. 10:30am:



I need to buy pink pens. The sky is mostly pinks, only a tiny bit of orange. I only have an orange felt pen, not pink.

Timelapse of the sunrise from Gimsli kitchen window - click here

Once uploaded youtube offered me some "advice" on my artistic abilities:

Takk takk youtube...


22/11/13 Views from hostel:



23/11/2013 Another impressionistic sunrise:

25/11/13 The sunrise was so intense this morning, everything bathed in orangey-pinkish-reds

...even the room I was within had a pink tint to the light


I went to pay my respects to the polar bear in the Dalvik folk museum - Byggðasafnið. An adult male, he was captured in Greenland. Does that make him Greenlandic?

"This is the kind of materialism that makes me an antihumanist at heart” - Rosi Braidotti (2012)

..it appears polar bears really hate heaters...



More quality research time at Gíslieiríkurhelgi - kaffihús:

and always more packing to be done...


at the cafe, I looked through old women's newspapers, found a few interesting insights from 1953 into the Everest summit:

and of course a cute little polar bear:


27/11/13 tea, tea & more tea (and some zip lock bags)

organising my things in prep for transit in 2 days time...


I learnt all about laufabrauð, "leaf-bread", a northern Icelandic christmas tradition:


my mapping of the infamous Dalvík hostel, currently rated no. 1 HI hostel in the world!


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