28/11/13 Packing to leave Dalvík


29/11/13 Making artworks in Akureyri cafes...

...and getting creative with whiskey.

"How to be creative"

1. Purchase a whiskey.

2. Sketch the wiskey.

Task complete.

alone in a hostel dorm yet again...

A morning tea in the hostel with a dog ball from my dog back home (sent to me in Germany two months earlier...)

Thinking about all the bits that get thrown out, consumed, or recycled...

waiting for my flight to be scheduled, better get started on that paper that is due...


30/11/13 Transit fromAkureyri to Reykjavík

Northern Lights on the horizon. Very faint (have to turn your monitor brightness right up to see these photos).

01/12/13 Back in Reykjavik


04/12/13 packing to leave for London:

me reflecting on the space of the hostel dormitories....

and the hostel kitchens...

communal everything!

Some free food that was kindly left to me and relabelled.

Turns out if you wear woolen socks on the OUTSIDE of your trousers, everyone thinks you're local...


05/12/13 Leaving Iceland

finding the tax refund point, and a fox drawn on a tiny scrap of cardboard on the floor in the airport.


My journal:

and the bits left over that didn't make it in:



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