08-11/06/13 transit: Melbourne > Northern Hemisphere

(for 3 week conference trip)


08/06/13 Melbourne Airport - ready for departure:

at the departure gate:

snacks for the flights, sent from my mum!


flight # 1: MEL > SIN 08 JUN 13

7hour stop over in Singapore Airport:

...struggling to stay awake for Flight #2, departing after midnight...


09/06/13 Sunny, warm, Helsinki:

working in a Helsinki cafe, overlooking trams, tourists, and sun:

1 night stop in Helsinki, just enough time to repack:


10/06/13 Transit to Reykjavik (flights #3 & 4)

waiting at Helsinki airport....


Flight #3 Helsinki > Oslo

[2hour stop]

Flight #4 Oslo > Reykjavik

Icelandair, flying with Herðubreið, the airplane:


10-11/06/13 landed in Iceland. Only took 3 days and 4 flights...

almost midnight, and its still sunny.

Midnight hits, amazing sunrise on the bus to Reykjavik:


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