11/06/13 - 17/06/13 Reykjavik, Iceland

for the 5th Nordic Geographer's Conference


11/06/13 NGM Conference

I stayed in Reykjavik for 10 days, the first few were at the NGM conference, and after that I spent a few days having "down time" recovering from the jetlag and the bug I picked up on the transit over...


Still haven't documented packing. Still not eating properly, still unwell.

Not too wroied about it though, don't stress.

Slept from 8:30pm - 3am.

Birds start chirping at about 3:45am.



Listening to Múm's "yesterday was dramatic, today is ok" album (2005). Slept till about 8am, packed up last night (have to change hostels), go up, changed, had breakfast, skyped with mum, left hostel about 11am. Found a shop that sold bananas, and those 1k chocolate coins! Went to Tíu Droppar cafe, had the strangest tasting english breakfast tea.... Read Massey's "Landscape as provocation" (2006) paper which was mentioned in the keynote yesterday. Exhausted, just ate a banana, admired woolen products, and am now enjoying the music, the couch, the atmosphere, the overcastness, and 12 Tonar record store.

Changed hostels, had to do washing, which took hours of my evening. Then had to dump it all on the floor and sort it out the following day...



15/06/13 Reflections on packing in Iceland:

Things I didn't need to bring: hairdryer, umbrella.

Things I need to bring to Nepal (already-always-planning-imagining): clothes washing liquid, more hand sanitiser, small cans of spaghetti, cup a soups (so I don't accidentally buy ones with bacon in it!)


17/06/13 trying to gather my thoughts and experiences:

[trying not to be a tourist]

- the city is overrun with tourists. Hiking boots, gautex, waterproof pants, hiking packs, suitcases, gloves.

- I am already acclimatized (Melbourne weather on par with Icelandic summer)

- I am jetlagged

- I am familiar with the city.

... it is much harder than I thought, as my experience is now so individualised, and in contrast to other travellers.



19/06/13 Transit from Reykjavik, Iceland > Neuchatel, Switzerland (via Copenhagn, Denmark)

Boarded at 00:30, flew out around 01:10. It was rain and overcast down on the ground, but as we breached the clouds, we had the moon on the right side (out my window) and the sun rising on the left. Just spectacular... midnight sun near the Arctic! It never really got dark.


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