19/06/13 - 23/06/13 Neuchatel, Switzerland

for the conference: Welcoming Encounters: tourism research in a postdisciplinary era


19/06/13 Transit from Reykjavik, Iceland > Neuchatel, Switzerland (via Copenhagn, Denmark, & Zurich, Switzerland)

Arrived at Copenhagen at 6am, disembarked, I found a cafe and bought two *scones*!! Was so excited! One was plain, the other had darc choc chips. And oh how I love nordic countries and their manner of paying for every transaction on your card... even a 14dkr scone!

boarding the next SAS flight at 06:40 to Zurich.

Transit from Zurich to Neuchatel via train.


a quick explore of Neuchatel on the first afternoon there...

21/06/13 packing/rearranging in hostel room


having a joke about how I could use my "creative" research data to make really dull and standardised charts and graphs:

A few views of Neuchatel,

view of Institute of ethnology, Neuchatel University:

view *from*:


22/06/13 transit to Geneva:


Geneva (1 night stop before transit to Budapest):

packing in hostel room


23/06/13 transit to Budapest


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