23/06/13 - 27/06/13 Budapest, Hungary

for the conference: Arts in Society


23/06/13 23:41: Budapest: Hot, humid, but luckily there's aircon in dorm room (but only after 10pm?)

packing in hostel room:

7 out of 8 in this female dorm are Aussies. Talking about packing, documentation, frenzy, indecisions, too much stuff. Washed my clothes, tensions high in laundry room as everyone is waiting for a washer or dryer. 1000HUF for wash and dry, but the drying settings don't quite dry everyting, so have to hang up some clothes in hostel dorm. Took all evening.



24/06/13 23:46 BED BUGS.

What an evening. This evening one of the girls in my dorm cam in saying she'd been bitten by bed bugs. She was in the bunk above me. So we all looked, and sure enough, some beds had them, you could see the little bugs. They changed our room, but I then spent over 4hours washing and drying all my stuff. I ended up chucking out some things - delicate stockings, my semi-water proof jacket, passport holder - it all would not survive the drying cycle and would have melted onto other clothes. All my stuff had been out laid out on my bed, the floor, draped over the bunkbed the night before, I just didn't want to risk it.

25/06/13 Have seemingly escaped the bed bugs... thankfully!


Am very pleased that in a tiny little supermarket in the middle of Pest, you can readily buy a variety of TVP (soy protien)! here is the label from the packet:


26/06/13 11:00 NYUGATI STATION:

Sitting in a "costa" coffee shop (a UK chain?) Have been walking around Budapest for 3hours. The area near our hostel (Kiraly utca, Basjcsy-Zsilinsky ut) is really pretty. Some streets look a bit rundown, others are recently repaved and very clean everywhere. I have to admit I knew virtually nothing about Budapest before arriving here. A lot of hotels, but not very "touristy" feeling. The architecture is fantastic. I have just escaped the week of 38degree temperatures, what a heat wave!

26/06/13 Just ordered a coffee from a very polite guy working in a Starbucks in a giant shopping centre... He asked me how "Julia" was...? "Julia?" I asked him? "yeah, your prime minister, Julia Gillard".... how does someone serving coffee in Budapest know/care about our politicians?!

Turns out, only half an hour later, Ruddy overpowered Julia and became PM again...

Anyway, the guy made my soy latte, and left a nice message on my cup:

A few views of Budapest:


26/06/13, just have to pack....


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