15/09/13 transit for fieldwork trip #002

[ 3.5 months: Melbourne > Kathmandu > Pokhara > Kathmandu > Essen > Karlsruhe > Copenhagen > Reykjavik > Dalvik > Reykjavik > London > Melbourne ]


15/09/13 packing for transit to Nepal:

(yes, a week early, but I am eager...)

all the things I want to bring...

start with camera equipment:

all the food I want to bring:

...but then I read on the Kathmandu Airport website that I can only bring in 1000NPRs (about $10US) worth.

So I decide to just bring the "breakfasts", the cous cous, some TVP, and the vegemite tube.


next: medications:

think I am prepared for everything!


next: the clothes:

next: toiletries (mainly hand sanitiser)

next: thermals for Iceland, wrapped in a "space saver" bag:

next: the packing begins!

and finally, only about 30mins later, I am packed:

with 4 toilet rolls and much hand sanitiser included!

(but still no sleeping bag or pillow, perhaps these will go on the outside)


And here's a quick touristy photo of Melbourne:


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