12/06/12 (transiting around Iceland for 10 days -- part 3)


14/06/12 Glacial Movements


view the timelapse of the glaciers here on youtube.



14/06/12 Glimpses of the Antarctic

Standing at the mouth of the 'Glacial Lagoon', where the melting glacier breaks apart and drifts into the sea. From this point there is an uninterrupted line to Antarctica, looking out South-East, over 20 000km away?

Can you project / perceive that far? How far is it? Can we feel the distance between Iceland and Antarctica? What would the angle of the earth's surface feel like over that distance? From top to bottom.


continuing transit:



15/06/12 Eyjafjallajökull - that little Icelandic volcano that stopped the world in 2010.

And another glacial melting...

can you see the glacier moving?

16/06/12 - back to Reykjavik for the last night