17/06/12 transit > Iceland to Berlin


Last glimpses of the Icelandic landscapes, on the bus to Keflavik airport.

The epic breakfast. It seems that it is socially acceptable to consume as much alcohol as you like in Keflavik airport, as you get duty free prices once through the security gates (which for Iceland, is about a quater of the price of alcohol normally).

Flying to Berlin from Keflavik, we get sat in the emergency exit row, middle of the plane. The flight is only a third full, as usual for flights in and out of Iceland.

I pondered what exactly this diagram meant. Remove doors, they are thrown out the exterior of the aircraft cabin, but I am not sure what the little points on the wing are for??

We arrive in Berlin, make our way on the Sunday afternoon to the hostel that Dad & I are staying at for 5 nights. (not the hostel where I will be conducting interviews). It is warm, especially in comparison to Iceland's climate. People are everywhere, eating ice cream, sausages, pastries.

Check in at hostel and begin the task of sorting through my clothes so that I can do a load of washing.... this takes hours.

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