07/07/12 Preparing for Transit to Brisbane, AUS

2 nights in hotel in Frankfurt, awaiting transit back home.... with the company of Latour, Jager and FISH.


09/07/12 S13 to FRA


Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)

(new Icelandic-insipired friends: arctic fox and iceland horse foal)


Flying over Dehli... the glow was so vivid...

yep, still reading this book.

I felt a little nostalgic as I ate my last german breadroll


10/07/12 Singapore Stopover

We landed about 6.30am, and I was surprised that it was not yet daylight yet

waiting to board flight to Brisbane



10/07/12 Back in Brisbane

"If I sit here, she will have to bring me with her"

After a full 24 hours back in Brisbane, I empty my pocket to find remnants of germany....