26/04/12 Preparing for Transit


Packed, but there are issues:

- have 2kg too much for carry-on limit (only 7kg)

- Can’t find the ideal sized zip lock bag to put liquids in.

- need to buy a new journal – weighed this journal and it weighs over half a kilo!!

I knew that the amount of things that I wanted to bring could not possibly fit within my suitcase or my limits on luggage for the flight from London to Iceland. So I decided before I left to weigh each thing, and then decided which were necessary and essential, and which I could leave behind.

Actually weighing *everything* that I had planned to bring with me revealed some interesting material interactions that I had never previously considered. My estimations of things that were 'light' and things that were 'heavy' were drastically out - the material scales and sizes of things don't correlate to their weight (...obviously).

Since undergoing this exercise, I've referred back to this documentation to check to see which things I could easily remove to reduce the weight, so it proved quite useful, as I am travelling very bulkily - bringing many items with me that I would never normally take travelling, as I will be using them for the residency period in Reykjavik.

it was this day, just 3 days before I left, that I realised that my estimates of how much things weighted was drastically out...