20/05/12 Orienting in Iceland


I’ve been in Reykjavik for almost three weeks now, staying here as an artist in residence with SIM.

I have a great studio space which looks out over the outskirts of the city, and over the ocean between Reykjavik and the next big peninsular across.

As part of the residency project, I’ve been keeping this documentation website: Iceland Horizons

Although I’ve been ‘stationary’ in staying in the one room/building for the past few weeks, I feel as if constant transitions are occurring. The transitions are within myself and between myself and other things. Here are some excerpts from my journal….

Untitled (view) - see more here

view from studio window

quite a funny story about these Icelandic 'goodies'. Skyr is a yoghurt-cheese-like-thing, and I said jokingly that I was going to get the "plate" flavour one (it has a picture of a plate on the tub). It was terrible, tasted like an off mixture of cottage cheese and philly spread.

Later I begrudgingly tried the other flavours, which are laiden with sugar and fruit puree - they were actually really palatable and addictive!

someone left these assorted icelandic rocks on the window sill of my studio space. So I spent the first few days here in iceland rearranging them with whatever thing/object I was tinkering with at the time. This photo shows the Swedish Apple Cider that I decided needed to be aligned within the volcanic rocks....